Yasawa Islands

A group of islands formed by volcanoes, sitting to the North of the Mamanuca Islands. Experience fantastic natural beauty on these secluded rugged islands.

Yasawa Resorts & Information

Set to the northeast of the Mamanuca Islands, Fiji’s Yasawa Islands Group is comprised of 16 islands that stretch for 90km. These islands are larger, more rugged and less populated than their southern neighbours. The Yasawas are an ideal place to immerse yourself in “holiday mode” and escape the modern world, with coral-fringed islands beckoning snorkelers, divers and beach bums alike. Aerial views, Manta Ray Island resort, Yasawa islands. Fiji Islands. No banks, no shops, no hassle – the Yasawa Islands offer visitors a true escape from the rat race. With so much natural beauty to captivate and inspire, once you visit the Yasawa Islands it’s possible you’ll never holiday anywhere else in Fiji! Popular with backpackers yet home to one of Fiji’s most magnificent luxury resorts, the Yasawa Islands provide guests the chance to interact with the local community and support the people that live and work there. Buying and eating locally, even if that means at an island resort, results in assisting the farmers throughout the 20+ Yasawa Islands.

Activities and Day Tours

Days on Yasawa Island are filled with water activities such as snorkelling and kayaking, sailing trips around neighbouring islands or just relaxing in complete harmony. Swim through the famed Blue Lagoon Caves, made famous by the Hollywood movie featuring Brooke Shields, or explore on foot with hiking trails to the bays and headlands of this scenic isle. Work up a sweat with walking and trekking options through the green jungles of the Yasawas, culminating in stunning views across the island range. Local visitors welcome guests and provide a truly rewarding visit.

Accommodation in the Yasawa Islands

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