About Fiji

Before you say Bula, learn more about Fiji!

Fiji is set in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, less than 4 hours flight east of Brisbane and Sydney. It is made up of more than 330 islands and is surrounded by Vanuatu and New Caledonia to the west, Samoa and Tonga to the east and New Zealand to the south. Each of Fiji’s islands boast incredible landscapes. Lush tropical and pine vegetation is spread across the interior lands and white sandy beaches wrap around the coasts. Pristine blue-green waters house vibrant soft coral reefs and there are deep drop-offs, perfect for diving and fishing. Only just over 100 of the nation’s islands are permanently inhabited. There are two main islands in Fiji—Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. These islands, collectively, account for around 87% of the country’s population, with over three quarters living in Viti Levu’s coastal urban centres. Suva (the CBD), Nadi (the tourist hub) and Lautoka (the base for the sugarcane industry) are amongst Fiji’s most popular urban centres and each fall within the Coral Coast, Denarau and Momi Bay regions. The Mamanuca Islands are also worthy of note, offering a peaceful alternative to the nation’s hubs. Wave breaks are scattered around these, drawing the attention of professional surfers from across the globe! Tourism is big in Fiji. The nation welcomes upward of 750,000 travellers to its shores each year and all are greeted with the same brand of warm Fijian hospitality. The tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Fiji and it’s no surprise with such incredible conservation, adventure and relaxation opportunities around! Enjoy luxury, romance or family friendly fun. There are plenty of unique tropical experiences to enjoy and, wherever you go, you’ll be greeted by smiles and glorious sunshine! Find out all there is to know about Fiji with our My Fiji Holiday Experts—scroll down to read more!

Fast Facts

  • Capital: Suva
  • International Airport: Nadi International Airport
  • Language: English (Fijian and Hindustani also widely spoken)
  • Currency: Fijian Dollar (FJD)

History and Geography

Fiji formed over 150 million years ago as a result of volcanic activity. Settled between 3500 and 1000BC by Austronesian, Melanesian and (later) Polynesian groups, the country developed a unique culture complete with chiefs, warfare and a touch of cannibalism! European discovery didn’t take place until the 17th Century. Dutch explorer, Abel Tasman, was the first to sail by in 1643 and Captain James Cook and Captain William Bligh followed in 1774 and 1789 respectively.

The first Europeans to call Fiji home were shipwrecked sailors and escaped Australian convicts. With their arrival, Fiji’s name changed from the original Tongan pronunciation of “Viti”, to the anglicised to “Fisi” and, with time, “Fiji”. Beachcombers, missionaries, sugarcane and sandalwood traders arrived in the mid-19th Century and, in 1874, Fiji was ceded to Great Britain. Between 1879 and 1916, the British occupation brought across indentured labourers (paid) from India—these workers stayed on to become independent farmers and businessmen and now form around 44% of the population.

Fiji claimed independence in 1970. The country, today, is very multicultural and harmonious. The population consists of indigenous Fijians, Indians, Chinese and Pacific Islanders, plus there is an incredible number of tourists that flock to the islands throughout the year! The appeal of Fiji stems from it impressive geography. Covering a total of 194,000sq. kilometres, most of the country is predominantly water and reef-based, with only around 10% being land. This land is very dramatic though—mountains and thick forests are common and the highest point is Viti Levu’s Mount Tomanivi, stretching 1,324m tall!

What to do in Fiji

Fiji is an exotic island paradise where days slow right down to relaxing “island time”. Take a deep breath of fresh, clean air and enjoy doing as little or as much as you feel! Time is yours in Fiji. Revel in luxurious comfort at some of the world’s best resorts, stroll or ride horses along pristine white beaches, surf, snorkel, dive or kayak in clear ocean waters or trek through mountainous forests to arrive at humble, welcoming villages. Fiji is the perfect destination for families, friends and honeymooners alike! There are activities and experiences for everyone—from kid’s clubs and nanny services, to adrenaline-fueled adventures, world-class spa services and so much more! Fijians very proudly conserve their landscapes, both on the mainland and in the ocean. Observe sustainable living during your stay and make the most of all the opportunities to get up-close-and-personal with nature! Visit traditional villages to enjoy warm Fijian hospitality. Wander through local schools, church grounds and take part in kava tasting ceremonies or opt for an exhilarating feast night, complete with history lessons and daring fire dance displays. For bustling action, head to Nadi—the jampacked streets feature enticing shops and exquisite dining options and you’re sure to be met with the universal greeting, Bula! Other things to do in Fiji include the Sabeto Hot Springs, island day tours and more! For more information, spend some time on our site or contact our My Fiji Holiday Experts for a chat!

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