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Inland Adventures in Fiji

More than just sand and sea

Although it may not seem like it, Fiji is more than just a destination for lovers of the sea. The land treasures of Fijis islands are just as impressive as the gorgeous reefs and beaches that surround them! From the mangrove forests to the peaking mountain ranges, land lovers will love their Fiji holiday just as much as a water enthusiast.

Reach new heights in Fiji

Get your heart pumping with one of Fijis top attractions, ziplining! Choose between the Nadi or Pacific Harbour line and strap in before soaring through the dense, tropical forest canopies. Zip along the 5-kilometre Nadi line at exhilarating speeds and discover stunning ocean views, limestone caves and mountains overgrown with raintrees. Alternatively, opt for the 2-kilometre Pacific Harbour line that rushes through a private eco-reserve full of unique flora and fauna. There are 8 platforms on the Pacific Harbour line and 16 on the Nadi line, each boasting incredible views of Fiji from all angles.

Take in the picture-perfect sites of Fiji from 14,000 feet in the air. Skydive Fiji, one of the only skydiving companies on the island, offer a heart-pumping tandem skydive over Fiji. The views of Fiji are phenomenal from the ground so you can only imagine how amazing they would be from so high in the sky! Freefall for up to 70 seconds before embarking the calming 8-minute parachute ride to the ground. The tandem skydive means there are no age limits. The group of highly experienced instructors and pilots work together to ensure your safety and enjoyment is paramount.

Adventure through Fiji’s caves

Take on one of the most exhilarating experiences in Fiji, and experience sightseeing from the end of a rope. Abseil down the face of a cliff, suspend on a rope dangling from a helicopter or plummet through cave openings! Zip Fiji offer abseiling tours that explore the depths of a range of Fijian caves including The Tau Caves. Conquer your fear of heights or just pretend you’re an action star in a recent Blockbuster when you abseil in Fiji.

Abseiling is a unique way to explore Fijis caves, for some caves it is the only way. However, there are a range of cave tours that take visitors on guided visits through some of the most impressive hidden wonders in Fiji. Take the Fiji Cannibal Cave tour for a fascinating and historic experience in the fortress of the islands last cannibal tribes, the Naihehe Caves. Visit the ancient limestone formations of the Sawailau Caves in the heart of the Yasawa Islands.

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