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Snorkelling in Fiji

Discover the underwater wonderland

Some of Fiji’s most phenomenal scenery is underneath the surface of the azure waters that surround the 333 islands and atolls. Exploring the vibrant reefs is easy with snorkelling or diving! The tropical climate makes for gorgeous summer-like weather, average temperatures less than 30°C, and comfortable water temperatures, 27°C, all year round. The water visibility is consistently amazing in Fiji. Depending where you snorkel and when determines how good the visibility will be. During winter, July to September, visibility is at its best. Generally, visibility is around 15 to 50 metres however outside of lagoons can be extremely clear with up to 100 metres of visibility.

Where to snorkel in Fiji

Beqa Island Lagoon is the perfect starting place for snorkelling in Fiji. The island is located just off the coast of Viti Levu and is surrounded by a protective barrier reef that is home to some of the most breath-taking marine life on the Coral Coast. The healthy reef hosts an abundance of coral formations, thousands of exotic fish species, sea anemones, sharks, turtles and giant clams. Lalati Resort & Spa on Beqa Island host Snorkelling Safaris with quick 5 minute boat rides to best of Beqa Lagoon snorkelling!

Where better to discover Fiji’s incredible marine life than in the fourth longest barrier reef in the world? Great Astrolabe Reef features 120 kilometres of coral gardens filled with exotic fish and other swimming critters. The reef is located on the south side of Kadavu Island, south of the mainland. Snorkelers can jump aboard one of the many boats that take snorkelers and divers to the best spots on the Great Astrolabe Reef. Float above the surface and discover the sea-grass the fringes the coral, home to seahorses. The coral garden is full of all the exotic fish species you can think of as well as the occasional eagle or manta ray.

Stay at Castaway Island for brilliant snorkelling right on your door step. Literally just steps away from the beachfront accommodation is a beautiful reef, perfect for snorkelling newbies and little kids. The reef closest to the shore boasts an abundance of little fish. Beyond the beachfront reef, and within swimming distance, is a more impressive snorkelling experience. This reefs base is covered with stunning coral gardens with an array of colourful marine creatures calling the reef home.

Most My Fiji resorts are located on the beachfront and have direct access to snorkelling in front of the resort. To get the best snorkelling experience in Fiji, arrange a tour and discover the best of Fiji’s marine life. Contact our Fiji Holiday Experts today for more information about snorkelling or to arrange a snorkelling tour for your Fiji holiday!

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