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Surfing in Fiji

Rip the waves where the pros surf

Although Fiji is mainly known for the super swells that can challenge even the best of surfers, there are many opportunities for surfing in Fiji. Whether your paddling out to your first wave or you’ve been surfing your entire life, Fiji has a surf break that will be perfect for your skill set!

Getting your hands on boards, equipment and clothing for surfing is relatively easy in Fiji, although, trusting your travel arrangements allow it, you could bring your own. Otherwise, why not invest in an authentic Fijian surfboard designed and hand crafted by a local?

Ride Fiji’s super swells

If you’re a keen surfer, you’ll love riding the swells in Fiji! Most of Fiji’s waves break onto the reef which is why Fiji is renowned for some of the most challenging swells in the world. Surfers hitting these breaks need to be 100% confident with their surfing skills. The force created when the waves crash onto shallow reef water can be strong enough to easily break a board and bones!

Located south of Namotu Island is the world-class left reef pass, Cloudbreak. This surf break is consistently voted amongst the 10 most challenging waves in the world and the white breaks can be seen from up to 3 kilometres away! Without a doubt, Cloudbreak is a difficult break to surf. The waves crash down on the reef from all different angles and can be as large as 20 feet or as small as 2. You may think it gets easier the smaller the waves are, but not at Cloudbreak. As the waves get smaller they get faster and more shallow as you approach the coral reef. A spot of advice would be to stay on the point and the middle for the most rippable waves. While, next door to Cloudbreak is Namotu Lefts, the tamer break of the area. Sometimes continuing for more than 80 metres, this world-class break is one of the longest rides around the Mamanuca Island group. The left-handed break consistently delivers hollow, powerful and long barrelling waves perfect for testing out new skills.

Surfing holidays at My Fiji resorts

Base your stay at My Fijis Hideaway Resort and surf the waves right out the front of the resort or sign up for a surf session with the resorts surf school, TRU-SUP. Those who are already skilled surfers will love the easy access to the breaks directly in front of the resort! Endure the easy paddle to the right-hand reef break that is famous among the Coral Coast. TRU-SUP offer personal surf tours to the surf breaks in the local area for advanced surfers too. Total beginners can opt for the quick theory lesson before heading out for a guided surf session at Natadola Beach. Natadola Beach offers the best breaks for surfers who aren’t so experienced since it has a shore break rather than a reef.

A selection of Fiji’s best surf breaks can be found just minutes from Castaway Island Fiji and Plantation Island Resort. Both resorts have boat trips taking experienced surfers to world-class surf breaks such as Wilkes, Swimming Pools, Cloudbreak, Restaurants, Desperations and many more. When you stay at these Mamanuca resorts you can be assured the non-surfers in your travelling party have plenty to keep occupied with while you head out and surf the waves.

For more information on the surf breaks in Fiji or to start planning your surfer’s getaway, get in touch with the My Fiji Holiday Experts today!