Fiji FAQ

Why choose Fiji for your next holiday?

Fiji is a destination that will draw you back time and time again—it’s close, cultural and filled with comfort and kindness! The South Pacific nation has accolades for the friendliness of the Fijian locals and, with stunning waters, vibrant reefs and a never-ending summer, Fiji is a world-class destination that caters to everyone. Whether you’re a couple seeking a romantic escape or a family looking for a kid-friendly holiday, you’ll be greeted with a welcoming Bula! and a beaming smile from the moment you arrive at this tropical oasis.

How do I get there?

Getting to Fiji is easy. Direct flights run between Nadi International Airport and most Australian capital cities and the journey, generally, takes less than 5 hours (approximately 3.5 hours from Brisbane, 3 hours 50 minutes from Sydney and just over 4.5 hours from Melbourne). Return airfares come as standard in our My Fiji holiday packages. Once you’re in Fiji, travel by taxi, bus or private transfer. Boats and domestic airlines can transfer you between islands as well! For more information on getting around Fiji contact our Fiji Holiday Experts.

What is the weather like?

The weather in Fiji is heavenly all year-round! The tropical climate is like a consistent pleasant summer, with temperatures rising to approximately 30°C. Gentle trade winds carry cooling breezes and the water temperatures are perfect for swimming, snorkelling or surfing whenever you choose to travel! The northern and western regions receive most of the rainfall over the year. This falls mostly between November and April and while rains are heavy, they tend to be brief. Click here to read more about the weather in Fiji.

What is the culture like?

The Fijian culture is amongst the most laid back and happiest in the world! Despite this, it’s still important to respect local customs and traditions. Visitors should dress modestly when not at the hotels or resorts. In some areas, wearing a hat can be considered insulting to the chief and it’s also offensive to touch someone’s head or to wear shoes when visiting someone’s house. Always take a gift on your village tours. This can be something inexpensive—it may be as simple as crayons or colouring books for the children, kava for the adults or some second-hand clothes!

What can I do there?

You can do as little or as much as you like in Fiji! The tropical destination is the perfect setting for water sports and Fiji offers some of the best snorkelling and scuba diving experiences in the world! The beautiful beaches are ideal for relaxing or a refreshing swim, but it’s not all about the sea. Play a round of golf on championship courses, unwind in day spas and partake in a range of tours to discover the islands and experience traditional Fijian culture. The opportunities are endless! Check out our Fiji experiences and things to do for more information.

What is the currency?

The official currency in Fiji is the Fijian Dollar (FJD). If you don’t get the chance to change some money before you land, there are currency exchange services and ATMs at Nadi International Airport, resorts and scattered around the country. Major credits are accepted at most resorts however, outside of the resorts, you will need Fijian cash. If you’re visiting any of the outer islands, exchange your currency before leaving the mainland. The smaller islands aren’t commercialised and there are very few, if any, currency exchange services.

What is the national language?

Most of Fiji’s population speak either Fijian or Hindustani as their first language, but English is the country’s official language. Almost everyone speaks it, making getting around a breeze! This being said, there are a number of Fijian dialects that you might come across and it can be helpful to know a few key phrases. These include the well-known Bula (hello), Chillow (excuse me), Vinaka (thank you) and Ni Sa Moce (see you again). You’ll find it hard not to adopt some of these; they’ll be what greets you the moment your plane touches down!

What is the VAT refund scheme?

Subject to specific conditions, visitors can claim a refund on VAT (Value Added Tax) paid on goods that are purchased in Fiji and taken out of Fiji. To claim a VAT refund you must: 1. Have spent a minimum of F$500 (VAT incl.) at approved licensed retail outlets. 2. Be carrying the goods with you as carry-on luggage at Nadi International Airport or Suva Wharf and 3. Have refund forms completed by the retailer, with receipts attached. For more information about the VAT refund scheme, click here.

What should I pack?

Pack lightly! The weather in Fiji is warm so you can leave your winter woollies at home. Light-weight clothing is a must for each day however you may want to pack a light jacket or long pants for the evening, especially during the winter months. Fiji has three-pin power outlets just like Australia so there’s no need to pack your adaptor, but do remember you phone charger, camera and spare batteries to capture every moment! Your swimsuit and sunscreen are also essential. It is advised to pack reef/swimming shoes if you plan on snorkelling.

How many islands are there?

Fiji is made up of over 333 islands scattered across the South Pacific Ocean. Most of these islands are uninhabited. The mainland, Viti Levu, serves as the tourist hub and gateway to the outer islands. It is home to Fiji’s capital, Suva, and is renowned destinations such as Denarau Island, Momi Bay, the Coral Coast and Beqa Lagoon. Surrounding the mainland is the Mamanuca Islands, the Yasawa Islands, Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Kadavu and so many more!

When is the best time to visit?

March to early December is the best time in Fiji when it comes to weather. The days are sunny and there’s very little rain, perfect for beach and water lovers! In saying this, Fiji’s peak tourist season falls during this time too, particularly during June & July. If you prefer a quieter and more budget conscience holiday, you’re best to avoid those 2 months. For more information on the best time to visit Fiji click here or contact our Fiji Holiday Experts!

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