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Fiji Fun Facts

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Fiji is made up of over 330 islands, however only 110 are inhabited.


Fiji was colonized by the British in 1874 and remained under British rule for over a century, until it officially gained independence in 1970. You can see remnants (reminders) of this colonization by the appearance of the Union Jack in the upper left-hand corner of Fiji’s national flag and the image of the Queen of England appearing on Fijian currency.


Fire-walking, a popular activity in Fiji (which differs from the hot-coal walking of Indians), is no longer a custom performed by the local people.It is now mainly performed to entertain tourists.


Fiji is situated on the International Date Line, which means that it is one of the first places in the world to rise to a new day. There is a particular spot on Taveuni Island (a short plane or ferry ride from Nadi) where a person can stand with one foot in the current day and one foot in “yesterday”.


Abel Tasman, of Tasmania (Australia) fame, was the first European to spot Fiji in 1643, however he didn’t actually set foot on the Fijian Islands. Speaking of Tasmania, the entire land mass of Fiji is smaller than the Australian state, despite there being so many islands that make up the tropical paradise.