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Fiji Geography

What is Fiji’s Geography like?

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji is a group of volcanic islands lying some 1770km north of New Zealand’s North Island. Fiji is an archipelago constituted by 332 islands (and 522 smaller islets) of which only 110 are inhabited. The two largest islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, and between the two of them they make up 87% of Fiji’s total landmass.

Viti Levu Fiji

Viti Levu meaning “Great Fiji” is Fiji’s largest island and home to 70% of the country’s population. The three largest towns are Nadi (pronounced Nan-di), Lautoka and Suva, the capital. The island is home to the two most popular holiday areas of Denarau and the Coral Coast.

Vanua Levu Fiji

Vanua Levu is the second largest island of the Fiji archipelago and roughly half the size of Vanua Levu. The island measures 180km long and has an average 33km wide, sits approximately 182km northeast of Viti Levu. The island is home to 15% of the total population which makes it much quieter and slower paced than the bustle of the more-touristed islands. The islands largest town is Labasa located to the north, which is little more than 1 street of shops. While Savusavu, located south at the foot of the peninsula attracts divers, yachties and travellers wanting to escape to paradise. Much of Vanua Levu is unkept dense tropical rainforest and rugged coastlines. The rest of the island consists of sugarcane and copra plantations, small villages, mountain passes and waterfalls, while the coast is surrounded by extensive coral reef systems.

Mamanucas and Yasawa Islands Fiji

Fiji’s smaller island and island groups make up the remaining 13% of Fiji’s land area and 15% of the population. These include:
Extending in an arc off the coast of Viti Levu, the Mamanucas and Yasawa Islands are a chain of beautiful palm-fringed islands with perfect white sandy beaches, coral gardens, placid lagoons and picturesque resorts. This is Fiji’s tourism jewel, attracting plenty of visitors, especially from Australia and New Zealand. The islands remain remarkably undeveloped – no building rises higher than a coconut palm and even on the most popular islands it’s possible to wander a short distance to find a secluded stretch of beach. The Yasawas are some of the most picturesque islands in Fiji and best known for the location of Hollywood film “The Blue Lagoon” (1980).

Taveuni Fiji

Taveuni (located to Vanua Levu’s southeast) – Fiji’s third largest island known as the “Garden Island”, which encompasses an array of beautiful beaches, remote waterfalls and a wildlife paradise. Many resorts specialise in nature retreats and diving making Taveuni an eco-tourist dream.

Kadavu Island Fiji

Kadavu Island (off Viti Levu’s south) – A rugged island with few roads, Kadavu is still very much undeveloped, with water taxi’s the prime mode of transportation. The beautiful and untouched natural environment makes Kadavu an appealing holiday destination.

Lomaiviti and Lau Group Fiji

Lomaiviti and Lau Group (east of Suva) – The Lomaiviti Islands are an ideal mix if you’re looking to experience Fijian culture, but still have access to facilities and conveniences for visitors. The islands’ climate is moderate, not as humid and wet as Fiji’s capital Suva and not as dry and hot as Nadi.

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