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Fijian food drink & alcohol

Fijian Cuisine


330 tropical islands fringed by kaleidoscopic reefs under translucent water; it’s easy to see why Fiji is better known for its coastline than its cuisine. However, Fijian fare has so much more to offer than what resort restaurant may reveal.

An island nation, it’s no surprise that seafood makes up a large part of Fiji’s culinary world. Modern-day Fiji is a diverse society with prominent Asian influences, where you may just find the best curry of your life.

Fijian cuisine has traditionally been centered around a few staple ingredients that are readily available including, rice, sweet potatoes, taro, coconuts, cassava, breadfruit and fish.

Traditional Food includes:

  • Lovo – a feast of fish, meat and vegetables wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in a makeshift underground oven with hot stones.
  • Kokoda – a delicacy of raw fish marinated in coconut cream, onions, tomatoes and lime.
  • Indian Influence Cuisine – With Fiji’s big Indo-fijian culture, you will find delicious curries, naan bread and roti that is as good as what you will find in Mumbai & Delhi.
  • Chinese Cuisine – Fiji has a small population of Chinese, which is evident in a number of popular Chinese restaurants in city centres.
  • Tropical Fruit – fresh tropical fruit is served in abundance to accompany many resort buffets and are found at local food markets. Fruit includes Fiji mangoes, sour sop, coconut, bananas, Pawpaw, pineapples, melons and many more.

Fiji Food Markets


The many food markets in Fiji give you a great way to mingle with the locals and to try fresh produce. The main markets to choose from in Nadi, is the Nadi market in the main town area, and the less crowed Namaka Food market, located near the Nadi International Airport. Most are open from morning to late evening and is a great way to spend a few hours.

Fiji alcohol & drinks



The four labels of local beer are adequate, all carbonated lagers brewed in Suva under a subsidiary of the Australian Fosters Group. Fiji Bitter (4.6 percent alcohol) is the most palatable. Lighter in taste but of similar strength are Fiji Gold, Fiji Export and Fiji Premium, all more popular with tourists. Draft Fiji Bitter can be found at the more upmarket bars and resorts and is infinitely better tasting. Imported bottled beer, mostly lagers from Australia, are found at most resorts and bottle shops.


A staple of the Fijian culture, Kava is a drink made from ground up Yaqona root and mixed with water. The result is an earthy-tasting drink that, once you have had a few too many, will leave you tingly and extremely relaxed. It is mostly consumed as part of a welcoming ceremony for new guests entering a village, which is where most guests or tourists will experience Kava.


Fiji is a coconut palm tree paradise! Most resorts will have a few swaying in the breeze on arrival.  Coconut is known locally as “Bu” so ask for some Bu at your resort bar and enjoy some of the freshest juice you’ll ever taste. It’s the perfect opportunity to drink the coconut juice straight from the coconut itself. Trying one is a must-do in Fiji!

Bottled Water

Fiji Water is very popular and is a brand known globally and exported to over 60 countries. It is owned by a private American company, thus hugely popular in the US. It is sourced from a deep well, beneath the Nakauvadra Range in the northern Viti Levu.

Fiji Rum

Fiji has a massive sugar cane industry, so you can bet that the locals have experimented with making Rum. There are some fine Fijian rums that you must try, the biggest and most popular being Bounty Rum and Ratu Rum. Fiji Rum Co. has a range that can be sampled at the Denarau Golf & Racquet Club.

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