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Mud Pool & Hot Springs

Exploring Mud Pools & Hot Springs In Fiji

Three main types of islands make up Fiji: coral islands, limestone islands and volcanic islands. It is these volcanic islands, with their heated underground, that create an incredibly unique and naturally occurring phenomena of geothermal ‘hot’ springs and thermal mud pools – a must do to experience whilst visiting Fiji.

Most of Fiji’s hot springs can only be visited if you’re accompanied by a local guide, but there are a few open for visitors looking for the health and relaxation benefits of mud pools and hot springs.

Sabeto Hot Springs

On the main and largest island of Fiji, Viti Levu, a great way to immerse yourself in Fiji tradition (quite literally!) is to soak yourself in the Sabeto Hot Springs, which are also known as the Sabeto Mud Baths or the Tifajek Mud Pools. Located in the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, about a 20 minute drive from Nadi, these therapeutic mud pools are managed by a local village and can be experienced for a small fee.

Set amongst the lush backdrop of Sabeto Valley, the pools are popular with both locals and visitors and include three thermal springs from lukewarm up to a very warm 60 degrees Celsius. After a guided tour, guests can then coat themselves in mud, dry off in the sun and then hop in and out of the mud bath before washing off in the clear water.

Facilities at the Sabeto Hot Springs include sheltered communal changing areas as well as male and female changing areas, toilets, souvenirs, massage and occasionally food to purchase as well.

Savusavu Hot Springs

Another volcanic Fijian island is the second largest, Vanua Levu, where you will find the Savusavu Hot Springs. There are quite a few groups of hot springs in the town, including along the beach coastline as well as further inland. Unlike the hot springs of Viti Levu, the Savusavu hot springs are very hot at about 100 degrees Celsius and definitely not for bathing! They are, however, quite a sight to be seen with some bursting intermittingly with fountains of water, known as geysers.


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