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Shopping in Fiji

What is shopping like in Fiji?


While shopping in Fiji is somewhat limited because of the isolation of the Fiji Islands, there are many marvelous, local things to capture and take home as souvenirs.

Famous for a great choice of locally made handicrafts, shoppers can find meaningful mementos among the handmade goods on offer including tapa cloth, woven goods, carvings and pottery make up some of the artefacts made and sold in Fiji.  While these unique pieces can be found in some of the larger stores located in Fiji, we suggest purchasing straight from the local villages and markets. In this way, the shopper comes away with a true Fijian travel experience while at the same time supporting the local economy.

Port Denarau offers boutique stores like Pineapple Boutique and market stalls to internet, cafes, supermarkets and duty-free outlets, visitors should find a type of shopping to suit. Tappoo, Jack’s and Prouds are the main duty-free shops in Fiji. Also, if you wanting to find some beverages options, Victoria Wines is available there.

Most resorts also have shops available in the hotel for your convenience, customers can purchase perfumes, souvenirs, quality clothing, leather goods, electronics, sporting goods, jewellery and more.

Sarongs (known as “Sulus” in Fiji)

Sarongs are perfectly wrapped dresses that tie in the front and cascade down the hips to surround the legs with beautiful colours. The sarong is the perfect attire for warmer areas because they are made of free-flowing and very light fabric that does not cause extreme heat to build near the legs.

Sarongs are found the open-air markets and in the little shops located around Fiji. You can normally find one in a great second-hand market shop; you might find a pure silk sarong in almost new condition for less than one-quarter of the price of a new one in a tourist area. The fun is in the hunt for something that is cool and costs so little that you will not be able to resist purchasing it. You will enjoy bargaining with the locals in the markets, which is all done in good nature.

Local Hand-Carved Souvenirs

You cannot find these hand-carved items from Fiji everywhere in the world, so why not take one home to remind yourself that you are one of the specials ones that had a chance to visit the beautiful Fijian Islands. When you see some, you may see many of the same styles. Do not let this put you off because when you take the one you selected back to your home in another country, you will fondly remember your trip to Fiji.

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