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Five signs that you need an island escape

Sitting in Traffic just seems too much

No one likes sitting in traffic. But if you’re finding the morning and evening rush hour traffic jams just a bit too much, then it may be time that you drove yourself to the airport and booked yourself on the next flight to an island paradise. Sometimes we just need to get away from it all, including other honk-happy motorists, and sinking our toes in a private beach on a tropical island is the perfect antidote.

Reaching for your coat sends a shiver down your spine

Winters are cold, hard and gloomy. If the prospect of venturing outside in the freezing air sends a shiver down your spine – both physically and metaphorically – then you need a tropical island escape right away. With the range of competitive airfares and holiday packages on the market these days, there’s no reason why you need to spend your winters under a warm blanket locked up at home. Put the blanket away, pack your shorts and thongs, and fly somewhere warmer instead.

There just isn’t enough time for you and your special someone

In between work, shopping, family and friends, it can get increasingly hard to find the time to spend with that special someone. If this rings true to you, then an island holiday can finally give you and your special someone the time to be with each other. Imagine sipping cocktails under the warm sun on a deserted island beach, with not a care in the world. Island escapes are the perfect romantic getaway, and ideal for catching up on lost time.

You browse a travel website before checking your work email

If drooling over blue water lagoons and white sandy beaches on travel websites is the first thing you do when you visit the office in the morning, then this is a clear sign that you are in serious need of an island holiday. Speak to your boss about getting some time off and say sayonara to your daily routine. It’s time to ditch the daydreaming and make your island escape a reality.

You’re in serious need of a tan

Finally, if you’re looking a little pale in your bedroom mirror, and your black coat contrasts a little too much against your light skin, then it may be high time you caught a little Vitamin D on an island escape. A tan looks great on just about anyone, and the added confidence it brings can help you kick goals once back home. Just remember to tan safely and use protective sunscreen!

So there you have it. If all the signs point to the fact that you need an emergency island holiday, then contact the My Fiji Holiday Experts to start planning your island getaway!