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Hot Fiji Deals

Say Bula to a bargain with a hot Fiji deal!

Happiness is infectious in Fiji. Smiling faces will greet you at the airport, cries of Bula! will welcome you wherever you go, and the astounding natural landscapes will completely dissolve any leftover stress you may have packed in your bags. To top it all off, if you travel there with a My Fiji hot deal, you’ll be able to enjoy unbelievably good prices, the pleasure of knowing everything has been taken care of and a range of incredible bonus inclusions!

Our hot Fiji deals are jam-packed with value. They include flights on Fiji Airways, transfers, accommodation and more. Stay at some of the world’s most popular resorts, feast on delectable creations in a range of restaurants, indulge in rejuvenating award-winning spa services and enjoy eye-opening cultural tours courtesy of us! Our special Fiji offers will take you to a range of stunning destinations and we can guarantee that you’ll want to return for just a little bit more!

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Have more fun in Fiji!

Sometimes a good “flop-and-drop” holiday is all you need—some sun, a pool, a good book and a cocktail! Other times, holidays call for adventure! If that’s what you want to get out of our next Fiji holiday, learn from our Fiji Holiday Experts. They’ll help you to have more fun in Fiji!

We’ve spent years getting to know this beautiful South Pacific nation. While we’ve certainly enjoyed our fair share of relaxing by the pool, we’ve also had plenty of time to explore. Take a look at our top experiences picks! This extensive list is full of a great range of activities, plus there are more things to do here. We also have honeymoon packages and luxury deals and most of these are available no matter where you decide to stay!

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Fiji Travel Guides

So many travel questions about Fiji need answering and there’s a lot of exciting dreaming to do!  Our Fiji travel guides will help plan your way around your next holiday in Fiji. From how to get around in Fiji to the best time to holiday, what to do and incredible exclusive tours available – we’ve answered all your burning Fiji questions.