Inland Fiji

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Inland Fiji - Hero Image
Inland Fiji - Hero Image

Adventure Awaits in Inland Fiji

While you may not immediately expect it, Fiji is more than just a destination for lovers of the sea. In fact, the land treasures of the Fijian Islands are just as impressive as the gorgeous reefs and beaches that surround them. 

From mangrove forests and cascading waterfalls to peaking mountain ranges and ancient cave systems, land lovers will love their Fiji holiday just as much as water enthusiasts. Here are some of our favourite inland adventures in Fiji: 

Hiking in Fiji

You don’t have to travel far inland to find some breathtaking landscapes to explore on foot. Discover dozens of hiking trails through towering mountains, stunning rainforests, hidden waterfalls, national parks, steep sand dunes and so much more. Going on a hiking adventure allows you to experience the beauty of Fiji from a new perspective.  

If you’re serious about hiking, consider making the climb up Fiji’s highest peak, Mount Tomanivi. At 1,324 metres, this hike takes around five to six hours to complete and offers spectacular views of the Yasawa Island group at the summit. For something a little closer to Denarau Island, Mount Batilamu, also known as ‘The Sleeping Giant’, offers a well-marked hiking track to the summit, with plenty of hidden waterfalls and swimming spots along the way.

Ziplining in Fiji

If you’re looking for something to get your heart racing, ziplining will surely be one of the most ridiculously fun things you do on your Fiji holiday. Strap in and soar up to 40km/h through dense rainforest canopies, all while having a birds-eye view of Fiji’s most incredible landscapes.   

Zip Fiji offers two fantastic ziplining adventures in both Nadi and the Pacific Harbour. The five-kilometre Nadi line offers exhilarating speeds and stunning views over limestone caves, overgrown mountains and the sparkling ocean. Alternatively, opt for the two-kilometre Pacific Harbour line that rushes through a private eco-reserve teeming with unique flora and fauna.  

Waterfalls in Fiji

Considering its lush jungle interior, it’s no surprise that Fiji is home to some truly spectacular waterfalls. If you wish to chase waterfalls during your Fiji holiday, one of the most easily accessible is Orchid Falls, located just 40 minutes from Denarau Island. Visit during the wet season (December to April) to see Orchard Falls at its very best.  

Another popular waterfall amongst tourists is Biausevu Waterfall. This impressive, 20-metre-tall waterfall is hidden along the Coral Coast. Pay your respects at the neighbouring Biausevu Village before taking a short hike to reach the falls. Many tour operators and Fiji resorts offer tours of this waterfall.  

Caving in Fiji

For a unique sightseeing experience, venture down into Fiji’s subterranean cave systems. Zip Fiji offers a range of adventure-filled abseiling tours that will see you launching yourself down caves as deep as 40-metres!  

If you aren’t quite brave enough for abseiling, there are other caving options in Fiji. For a fascinating and historic experience in the fortress of Fiji’s last cannibal tribes, we recommend embarking on the Off Road Cave Safari. During this tour, you’ll visit the Naihehe Cave, which still contains relics of Fiji’s cannibal past, including a cannibal oven, ritual platform and sacred priest chamber. A trip to the Naihehe Caves is unlike anything else you’ll do while holidaying in Fiji.  

Hot Springs in Fiji

Created by volcanic activity, Fiji is home to several geothermal hot springs and mud pools, which are well worth adding to your Fiji bucket list. The most popular hot springs to visit in Fiji are the Sabeto Hot Springs. Located in the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, around 30 minutes from Denarau Island, these therapeutic mud pools are managed by a local village and can be experienced for a small fee. 

On the second largest Fiji island, Vanua Levu, you’ll find the Savusavu Hot Springs. Unlike the Sabeto Hot Springs, the Savusavu Hot Springs are not for bathing, given that they can reach up to 100 degrees! However, they are still quite a sight to behold, as they burst intermittingly with fountains of water.  

Gardens in Fiji

 Nestled in the cool shadows of the Sleeping Giant Mountain in the Nausori Highlands, the picturesque Garden of the Sleeping Giant is a must-visit for nature lovers. Here, you’ll find beautifully landscaped gardens, specialising in native Fijian plants and over two thousand different types of orchids.  

Once the private collection of the late American actor, Raymond Burr, the Garden of the Sleeping Giant is now open for everyone to explore. A wonderful spot to spend a day basking in nature, take a walk through the jungle to discover calm lily ponds, trickling fountains and native forests. The Garden of the Sleeping Giant may just be the best-kept horticultural secret in the entire South Pacific. 

For more information about Fiji’s inland adventures, get in touch with our Holiday Experts